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Sentla Residence


Residence I

This house is a stunning blend of basic raw materials and exquisite detailing. The copper-clad front door is 8 ft. in diameter and set in a 16" stainless steel frame. Inside, Portuguese limestone columns are balanced with clear redwood beams, local granite and maple floors. Finely crafted Shoji-type screens and maple millwork are melded with copper and sand-blasted glass. Renovation Architect: Brian Hemingway Original Architect: Dan White.

Residence II

Nestled along the West Vancouver waterfront, this home is designed to withstand the forces of nature whilst providing spectacular views. Concrete is used for decoration and structure, including precast fireplace surrounds and exterior panels to exposed interior walls and sloping concrete roofs. Zinc roof and wall panels, stainless steel sunshades, window surrounds and brick adorn the exterior. Pennsylvania bluestone walls unite the interior with the exterior. Beautiful white oak floors, beech cabinetry and ceiling panels as well as Douglas fir windows give a feeling of warmth to the interior. Architect: Paul Grant.

Residence III

A residence abound with geometric patterns and detail. Patterns in concrete blocks, concrete columns, fireplaces, stairs, wood windows and doors. Portuguese limestone floors flow as if uninterrupted between interior and exterior. Floor to ceiling glass walls reinforce this sense of openness and connection between the two. Architect: Fred Hollingsworth, Project Architect: Steve Hodder.

Residence IV

Long and narrow with beautiful ocean views. Re-sawn Douglas Fir posts and beams conceal their steel connectors as they support the expansive openings. Capped by a zinc roof, local cedar and green granite clad the exterior. Cherry floors inside and local granite used for flooring inside and out. Architect: Brian Hemingway, Interior Design: ART + Commerce (Lin Hepner)

Residence V

A beautiful balance of wood, glass, slate, granite, copper, and water. Our millwork shop re manufactured the recycled timbers used for the structure and produced the windows, doors, cabinets, some furniture, light fixtures and fittings. Architect: Fook Weng Chan.

Residence VI

High above Vancouver with stunning and uninterrupted views from Mount Baker to Vancouver Island, this residence is sometimes perched in the clouds. Large expansive windows capture these amazing views and to allow light to cast throughout the home, even though glass floors into the basement. The gray pallet of the structural concrete walls gives a strong and neutral base for colourfull artwork, cedar ceilings and wall clading,also many colourfull tiles. Strong and rich ironwood flooring is used inside and out being allowed to weather naturally to the elements outdoors. The strong straight lines are crowned with a graceful curved roof structure lined with zinc externally and warm cedar internally. Architect: Robert Ciccozzi. Interior Design: Robert Ledingham

Residence VII

Boston? San Francisco? No Vancouver. With an Indiana buff limestone exterior, this residence is one of the few all stone buildings in Vancouver. This unique home includes underground parking and limestone pavers on all the decks, including the roof top garden. Architect: Brian Hemingway, Interior Design: Susannah Walker.

Residence VIII

This is a residence with presence, scale and grounding. Timbers from a 1917 school were recycled and reworked in the Calrudd millwork shop for the wall cladding. The ceilings are vertical grain Hemlock and the floors are Pennsylvania bluestone. Cherry cabinets, Douglas Fir doors and windows and wall cladding were hand planed to give a hand wrought texture and patina. Architect: John Graham, Interior Design: Jack Burnett.

Residence IX

Carved out of a rock bluff, this house sits some 50 ft above the sea. This was an unusually demanding project as rock faces are exposed in several rooms; the doors and windows built in the Calrudd workshop were finely detailed and the roof framing demanded exceptional precision and finesse. All of the cabinets, including a reproduction crackled finish buffet, were crafted in the Calrudd workshop. Architect: Paul Merrick.

Residence X

This three car garage sports an amazing roof structure. All the roof timbers and support posts are recycled from old warehouses and schools in the Vancouver area. The many doors and windows were made in Calrudd's millwork shop.

Residence XI

This house is long and linear and built on rocky outcroppings that cascade down to the sea. All rooms are accessed by a 160ft long sky-lit spine at the rear, and have magnificent ocean views. Rift sawn Douglas Fir doors, windows, columns, and millwork were all produced in the Calrudd millwork shop. It was the recipient of the Lt. Governor of B.C's. Gold Medal in Architecture and was featured in Architectural Digest, Western Living and The Canadian Architect. It was also used as a set in the movie "Stake Out". Architect: Brian Hemmingway.

Residence XII

Wow!! What a great way to celebrate a 100 year birthday. This grand mansion now has all the comforts of today's living while keeping its original charm and elegance. Supported by stone foundations and century old timber. Five original fireplaces and hot water radiators add to the feeling of warmth and security that is felt in a home of this stature.Of course an estate like this must have its own coach house to park today's carriages. Designer, Susannah Walker.


This homes focal point is the panoramic view. Limestone floors flow from the inside and cover the outdoor terraces.The interior has an abundance of natural light filtering in though the many sky lights and champagne anodized window frames,at night the original Dale Chihuly glass chandelier provides interesting illumination. Architect John Graham. Interior Design Robert Ledingham.

Residence XIV

Built around an ancient Arbutus tree and creating an inner indigenous garden, this is a house of light. Gluelam beams and posts with a re-sawn texture complement the saltillo Mexican floor tiles and the inner garden is beautifully contrasted by painted kitchen cabinets on an antique plank floor. Architect: Werner Forster, Interior Designer: Judy Kerr.

Calrudd Millwork

Calrudd has operated its own millwork shop since 1985. We have produced many custom run mouldings, architectural doors and windows, front entrance doors, timber work, built in cabinets, kitchens, light fixtures, stair components and pieces of furniture for many of our projects.

Building on the Coast

After reviewing the sites and locations where we have built in our portfolio, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our past and present clients for the privilege of working in some of the most picturesque locations in the vicinity of Vancouver and the South Coast of BC.


Furry Creek

Calrudd Construction was retained as the woodworking specialist on this project. Our on-site crew fitted and assembled the 12 by 12 gluelam structural skeleton while our millwork shop manufactured the exterior doors and windows from Douglas Fir. The interior doors, cabinets, custom light fixtures, railings and trophy table are fabricated from Eastern Maple. Architect: Brian Hemingway

Hemingway & Nelson Office

This office was designed to resemble a West Coast rain forest. Douglas fir post and beam portals are layed out in the pattern of forest trees. The lush millwork is juxtaposed by sandblasted and cast glass to create a rich interplay of light and shadow. Millwork by Calrudd.

Asia Pacific

American white ash showcases direct clients diagonal towards the meeting rooms. This path is reinforced by the stylized lighting screens on the ceiling. The detailing is clean and crisp with fine reveals at door openings and counter tops.